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How CD®CP Connects with Transformational Leadership

20. July 2010

A fabulous take on our happiness count…thanks TED, once again:

CD®CP philosophy – Transformational Leadership – Happiness Count

26. June 2010

The following talk from TED illustrates one of the most important reasons, why the CD®CP was initially created. Please have a look and get inspired by this fresh take on measuring what counts…

B.I.G. Cultural Detective® Coaching Program

5. June 2010
What is the work of a Cultural Detective® Coach today?
How can you become a Cultural Detective® Coach? Read more…

CD® Facilitator Certification Course – first in EUROPE!

11. May 2010

Offered by the original makers of the Cultural Detective ® Series and only  for 2 days – more information and registration details right here: More cities comming up soon!

Zum ersten Mal in Europa bieten die ursprünglichen Macherinnen von Cultural Detective® den Zertifizierungskurs für Trainer an, die mit unseren Materialien fachgerecht umgehen lernen wollen. Mehr Details dazu, was Sie in 2 Tagen lernen und erleben werden hier:

Pour la premier fois en Europe les createurs originaux de Cultural Detective® offrent un cours de certification pour facilitateurs qui veulent travailler professionnellement avec nos matériaux. Le cours durera 2 jours seulement! Pour plus d’info autour du cours s’il vous plaît regardez ici

Cultural Detective® Coaching Programme

7. May 2010

You are the first to find out about this today: Some of the most experienced and world-renowned Cultural Detective® Facilitators / Coaches and I are planning to run the first one year programme for intercultural coaching skills based on the Cultural Detective® Series and Training Materials.

The programme will take place in more than six major cities and capitals of Europe and at a magnificent resort on the Romanian shores of the Black Sea.

Participation in this programme is only possible, if you are:

1. already an experienced trainer in the intercultural field

2. an experienced monocultural coach

3. in a top leadership position with major international experience and already hold an MBA or PhD

The CDCP® will be held in English and German with strong integration of the participant’s native languages.

Further details about this programme will be available soon. All questions are welcome in the comment area below!

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