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Moods have become my way of thinking since I woke up one morning saying something in Hungarian to my beloved husband. He looked at me in loving puzzlement and asked in his only fluent language back then, English “what did you just say, sweetheart?”. Now it was my turn to look deeply puzzled. In this state of half-sleep my brain apparently chose the closest language of endearment available. My grandmother’s language, Hungarian.

The beauty of the situation was to realize, how I was perfectly able to repeat in English, what I’d just said before, with the same cozy warmth. Fluency was reached in my fourth language. Thinking in a particular language was no longer a matter of circumstances but of the mood I was trying to express.

Ever since then, roughly 1995, I’ve been paying very close attention to the way my brain was choosing to express itself. Nothing new as a neurolinguistic programming practitioner, just on another dimension. And I started developing a huge curiosity for the apparent differences between the way I was thinking as a multilinguist, and my immediate environment. This book project is the result of it, started in 2011. This is a collage of the elements leading up to the book to be published. As work in progress there is no claim of original copyright here. The presented materials are merely observations, collections or freely associated ideas that will eventually be put together to a book. At this point everything you see here is a simple collection of ideas. Feel free to comment! Your input or feedback could be very valuable for the quality of the final product.

There are 3 moods: Mood 1 – Hostility, Mood 2 – Lex Booker, Mood 3 – Beyond the Sky


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