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Names to remember… UPDATE

17. March 2010

The self experiment was successful, hurraaaay!
It used to take me around 20 min to remember a name if I could manage At all. Since I started writing them down here, they seem to pour out of my brain – this is very exciting.
And the effect is not limited to the names on the list BELOW, it seems to “bleed” over into all kinds of dealing with names. Wow – did I just open the  “Golden Box of Names” in my brain?

Who has an answer or insight about this? Anybody out there, please? Your comment would be highly appreciated!

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  1. Himanshu permalink
    19. March 2010 14:24

    To enable us to remember names, it pays to pay attention to the person when they speak their name. It pays even more when you look directly at them for minimum 3 seconds. A simultaneous handshake for 3 seconds while making eye contact helps even more. Franklin Roosevelt always impressed people by remembering names of nearly everyone he met. His secret was his imagination – He used to imagine the name written across the person’s forehead!!. This is an NLP technique which combines all 3 sensory channels – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Rita, the technique you have adopted falls in this category. Thanks for sharing.

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