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Beginning somewhere… Cultural Detective® Romania

13. December 2009

All stories have a beginning. Let me start with mine at this point: I had to become a cultural detective eventually. There was no escape. All signs were pointing toward it. Had somebody told me, it would take 40 years to get here, I’d have said “And you are really sure, that’s going to be me? My destination? I’m more of a fast track person, you know. 40 years sounds like a very, very, and I mean, very long time to get anywhere. What about my other choices?” No problem, you can be anything you want, the answer was going to chirp lightly from this optimistic little FlyLady (more about her gladly later).  But you are also a very capable individual with many talents, like your mother and father and grandmothers never tire to tell anybody but you. It would be awfully boring to go down any other path, admit it.  Besides, it will take you all your curiosity, observation skills and wits to even find out, where you are going at all. Go on, do the first step, and you’ll be fine.

And I took the first step in 2004, by visiting the SIETAR Conference in Berlin.  If I ever had any doubts about how culture influenced my life, they were stopped cold right there. The world of knowledge that opened up for me right there, the professionalism of people dealing with this interdisciplinary topic was overwhelming. Becoming one of theses people was going to be my revelation. And here we are…

Since 2007 you can purchase the first German result of my efforts, 2008 came the second, and finally 2009 brought Cultural Detective® Romania to world. 2010 will reveal Cultural Detective® Austria.

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