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Rita Booker Solymosi was born in Romania and raised bilingual due to her family’s Hungarian cultural heritage. In her youth, her family immigrated to Austria where she continued to develop her multilingual skills and multicultural awareness. Rita is fluent in written and spoken Romanian, Hungarian, German, English, Italian and French. She is currently studying Russian. Rita brings 20 years of work experience as an employee, trainer and employer. Her portfolio reflects her competence and effectiveness in numerous industries including the Austrian court system and energy sector, pharmaceuticals, automotive technology, textile retailing, financial services, internet start-ups, television, film and music production, the EU Commission and continuing adult education institutions.

As an author she published:

2007, DE

Case studies, interviews and historical facts about all 14 countries that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007, focusing on Romania and Bulgaria. Published by Redlineverlag, 2007, available in German only.

2008, DE

Focusing only on Romania, this is a combined travelling and business manual. Published by Redlineverlag in 2008. Available in German only.

2008, EN

 Trainer manual and handout material focusing on Romanian cultural values, “Cultural Detective® Romania“, published in 2008, available in English only.

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